Staying Safe During the Holidays

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We all want to see our families during the holidays. After months of being apart and dealing with the challenges and restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, people want to spend time and connect with their loved ones more than ever before. However, the virus is surging throughout the country and is in its third wave of infection. Furthermore, there are no longer one or two “hot spots” in the United States. Unfortunately, the virus is racing full steam ahead everywhere.

As of November 17, there were 11,202,899 confirmed (plus probable) cases; 239,784 deaths; and 76,823 hospitalizations relating to the coronavirus in the United States (data from The COVID Tracking Project). These growing numbers are due to more people holding gatherings indoors as the colder weather draws them inside homes and restaurants. In addition, more younger people, including college students, are testing positive and bringing the virus home to their parents and grandparents. Unfortunately, these numbers are expected to grow as family and friends meet to celebrate the holidays–some traveling from other states or regions.

Tips for Celebrating a COVID-Safe Holiday

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a recommendation against travel during the Thanksgiving period. The safest way to celebrate the holiday is to spend the day with people who are already living in your household. However, if you do plan to spend time with people who live outside your home, follow these steps to keep everyone as safe as possible.

  • If weather permits, eat outdoors. Otherwise, open a couple of windows or doors in the area where people are gathering in your home. This will provide cross ventilation and bring fresh air into the house. It is widely known that fresh air can prevent droplets from spreading and reduce the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Reduce the number of people at a gathering. It may be difficult and awkward but this is not the year to host your annual family Thanksgiving dinner with 30 people. Refer to your local city and state guidelines regarding any restrictions on the number of people to have at one time. Remember, the smaller the number of people you have over, the less chance there is for spreading the virus.
  • Keep it short. It’s tempting to celebrate the entire day with family but prolonged exposure to others increases the risk of transmission. Set a short time limit dinner then have people go home. Let your guests know the plan ahead of time.
  • Practice protective measures. Every guest should wear masks (when not eating/drinking) wash hands, and keep at least 6 feet apart from one another. Avoid singing or shouting.
  • Don’t Travel. Travel increases the chance of coming in contact with and then spreading COVID-19. Aunt Sue may fly on Wednesday from Arizona to join you in California for Thanksgiving, become infected at the airport, then infect other guests at some point during the holiday weekend. And she may never feel sick or show any symptoms. This is the year for Aunt Sue to stay in her own home.
  • Don’t Rely on Testing. Testing shortly before a holiday gathering may provide you some measure of confidence that you or your guests are negative for the coronavirus. However, do not rely on testing alone to keep you safe. For example, you can receive a negative test on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and come in contact with the virus while traveling to your destination on Wednesday. You may not feel sick or show any symptoms but then expose everyone at the Thanksgiving meal.


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