Best Podcasts for Older Adults

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By now, you may be familiar with the term podcast. A podcast is an audio program, on a particular topic which is released in episodes or installments. Usually one or two moderators narrate a podcast–which is thought of today as the new radio. In fact, like radio, podcasts are free since the cost of underwriting them are paid for by commercials. The only requirement is access to the internet. You can listen to a podcast on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. On an iPhone or iPad the Apple Podcast app should already be downloaded on the phone (purple symbol with a microphone). On an Android device, listen to a podcast using the preinstalled Google Play app.

You can listen to a podcast through streaming or downloading it. Streaming allows you to listen to a program directly through the internet. A podcast can also be downloaded and then played later. This is convenient when no internet connection is available such as taking a walk, driving in a car, or traveling in a plane.


Best Podcasts for Older Adults

Podcasts are definitely growing in popularity. In fact, 75% of Americans are familiar with the term podcasting in 2020 according to The largest demographic of listeners are under the age of 54 (80%), however, the numbers are going up for adults with 20% over the age of 55 enjoying podcasts.

There are thousands of topics available from around the world. Whether its politics, sports, current events, medical, health and fitness, or true crime, there is sure to be a podcast available for you to enjoy. Here are some 5-star rated podcasts on aging I found on the Apple podcast app:

  • Better Health While Aging: A doctor’s podcast for older adults and family caregivers. Practicing geriatric specialist, Leslie Kernisan, MC MPH, hosts the show. Recent topics include Flu Shots for Older Adults in Covid Times: What to Know; Coronavirus Updates and Suggestions; and The Importance of Grandparents and Intergenerational Connections. Dr. Kernisan focuses and her guests focus on providing better health and aging for older adults.
  • Psychology of Aging with Dr. Regina Koepp: A board certified clinical psychologist, Dr. Koepp specializes with older adults and families. She answers common questions about aging on her weekly podcast. Topics range from, Older Adults and Suicide: What You Can Do to Help, 5 Facts You Should Know About Dementia Caregiving; and Noticing Signs of Memory Loss? 5 Next Steps.
  • Anti-Aging Hacks: Faraz Khan started researching anti-aging hacks out of a desire to slow down the aging process of his own parents. He interviews experts from around the world on a variety of topics: How to Adopt Primal Posture and Get Ride of Back Pain; How to Eat to Beat Disease, Fight Cancer, Prevent Hair Loss, and ED; and The 7 Reasons You Age and How To Slow Down your Aging.
  • This is Growing by The Alliance for Aging Research: Sue Peschin, president and CEO of this leading non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating science to improve aging and health moderates this twice monthly podcast. Guests cover a range of topics: Why Patient Advocacy is Important; Men’s Health Network: Healthy Aging for Men and Those Who Love Them; and Patient Advocates Jim and Geri Taylor who talk about Living with Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Aging Hear Arizona: Currently about 1.8 million people over the age of 60 live in Arizona and that number is expected to grow to 3 million in 2050. Report Kathy Ritchie explores aging in the Grand Canyon State. Topics include: Grandfamilies; Growing Old LGBT; and Older Women in Poverty.



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