5 Products to Make Life Easier

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Aging in place has become a popular concept over the last decade as members of the baby boom generation enter their senior years. In fact, the majority of older adults want to stay in their own homes as they age. For instance, a 2018 AARP survey of adults (age 50 and older) shows approximately 75% want to stay in their homes and/or communities as they grow older. And although most seniors want to age in place, only 59% anticipate they will actually be able to remain living in their home–or in a different home–within the same community.

Fortunately, new advancements in product technology and design are now making it easier for older adults to remain living independently in their homes. Whether you are alone or live with a spouse/partner, these products can help you maintain your independence making life simpler, safer, and less burdensome. Here are just a few great products which you may find helpful. Click on the link following the product to order.


Robot Vacuum

If vacuuming the house is not one of your  favorite chores give yourself the gift of a robot vacuum. It is the gift that keeps on giving freeing up your time and back from pushing around a vacuum cleaner. These devices are amazingly efficient, picking up an incredible amount of dirt and pet hair. Moreover, the vacuum can be connected to Wi-Fi. This allows the user to start, pause, cancel, and set a cleaning schedule from a smart phone or tablet device. Best of all, while the robot vacuum is doing its job, you can do another chore or run errands since it is safe to leave the vacuum running while no one is home.


Garden Kneeler Bench/Seat

This product is perfect for working in the garden or anywhere outside/inside the home that requires kneeling for any amount of time. While kneeling, the soft foam padded cushion reduces back strain and takes pressure off knees by providing comfortable support. Sturdy metal hinges and locks makes it easy and safe to get back up. Simply turn the product upside down to use as a convenient bench seat. There’s even a side pouch to easily store tools while gardening.


Grabber or Reacher Tool

These are fantastic devices for anyone with limited mobility or restrictions. Grabbers have rubber grips making it easy to pick up any number of items from the floor or in hard-to-reach places. Books, magazines, phones, a hairbrush, shoes, papers, dropped pills, or keys, can all be easily scooped up with the tool. These reaching aids also reduce strain on the back when bending and reaching for household items. This is important for older adults, with osteoporosis of the spine, who should avoid bending to reduce the risk of spinal fractures.


Cordless Electric Kettle

Electric kettle products are wonderful devices heating water at a faster rate than traditional stove top kettles. Most important, you don’t have to worry about leaving a stove burner turned on since the electric kettles atomically turn off when water is done boiling. These products are convenient when making tea, cocoa, and instant coffee, soup, or oatmeal.


Stand Assist Aid

Stand Assist aids  are the ideal solution for anyone who has difficulty standing from a seated position. These products provide safe and stable assistance when rising from a chair, sofa, or recliner. Sturdy handles give you support to easily push up to a standing position without turning or twisting. The aid also helps reduce risk of hazardous falls.





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