5 Gift Ideas for Seniors


Buying a gift for anyone  can be difficult, especially if that person is an elderly parent or loved one. Many seniors say, “Don’t spend your money on me, I already have everything I need.” And by the time they have reached a certain age, this is true for many older adults. Furthermore, seniors are often living in smaller assisted living apartments or they are in the process of downsizing and certainly don’t need more stuff to move or place in storage.

However, it’s always nice to receive a gift and it feels good to give them to those special people in our lives. For seniors who already may have everything they need, here are a few practical and useful gift ideas.

Useful Senior Gifts

  • Grabber or reacher tool. These are fantastic devices for anyone who has limited mobility or restrictions on mobility. Grabbers have rubber grips which make it easy to pick up any number of items from the floor, or in hard-to-reach places. Books, magazines, phones, a hairbush, papers, dropped pills, or keys, can all be easily scooped up with the tool. These reaching aids also reduce strain on the back when bending and reaching for household items. This is important for older adults, with osteoporosis of the spine, who should avoid bending to reduce the risk of spinal fractures. There are many different styles of grabbers available on Amazon. Click on the link below for a device one of our staff members recently purchased to avoid strain on her back. She bought it as a gift to herself and uses it many times throughout the day!
  • Weighted blanket. It’s a fact that sleep disorders increase with age. More than 50% of adults 65 and older have some type of chronic sleep issue including difficulty falling asleep, trouble maintaining sleep, total amount of nightly sleep, and overall poor sleep quality. One solution which may help and doesn’t require any medication is a weighted blanket. Filled with a heavy material, such as plastic pellets, these unique blankets each weigh about 15 pounds. The heaviness of the blanket produces a calming effect when placed on the body– acting like a hug and causing the user to feel more secure. People with anxiety or those who have trouble sleeping often find better sleep when they replace their regular comforter with a weighted blanket.
  • Walking stick. Also called a walking or travel staff, this single pole helps enhances the user’s stability and reduces impact on knees while hiking or backpacking. They are also effective when walking on a flat surface to provide more stability and reduce the chance of falls. A walking stick also comes in handy to fend off a stray dog or animal that gets to close for comfort.
  • Stamps. Give a book or roll of stamps ($11/$55) to your favorite senior and they will be thrilled to not have to drive to the post office. In addition, people in their 80s and 90s may be hesitant (or don’t know how) to pay their bills online and the stamps will be a very handy when it comes time to write checks or complete correspondence through regular mail.
  • Small weights. Studies show that seniors who exercise about 30 minutes a day experience a reduced risk of falls. Furthermore, exercise can help reduce the pain and stiffness of arthritis, improve mobility, help  build bone density, and lift spirits by producing those feel-good endorphins from the brain. However, some seniors may not have the mobility to leave the house to visit the gym or take a walk. Give a senior set of 1, 2, or 3-pound dumbbells or hand weights and show them some simple exercises they can do while sitting in a sturdy chair.




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